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PSB Imagine T Loudspeaker Reviewed

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When it comes to value for dollar loudspeakers, seemingly no one does it better than the Canadians.  One manufacturer that proves this is PSB loudspeakers.  PSB has a storied history of producing high-value, high-performance loudspeakers for consumers on a budget and even those who aren't but appreciate the fine craftsmanship and quality of PSB's entire line.  The Imagine Series represents PSB's newest entry-level line of products.  The Imagine T, reviewed here, is the largest in the line.  It includes a bookshelf speaker, center channel and surround sound speaker.  As far as entry-level lines go, the Imagine series is as basic as they come, offering a single SKU in each of the core categories, which is kind of nice and keeps it a bit simple for first-time buyers.

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The Imagine T is a floor-standing design that measures in eight-and-a-quarter inches wide by 37 inches tall and 14 inches deep.  It's a solid enough piece, weighing 40 pounds.  The Imagine T's cabinet comes in either a black ash or cherry wood veneer, which is extremely stylish and very well put together for an overall visual presentation that defies its asking price of $2,000.  The Imagine T is a two-way design featuring a single one-inch titanium dome tweeter mated to dual five-and-a-quarter-inch woofers.  The speaker itself is dual-ported to help with overall bass output and to help the rather compact floor-standing speaker sound a bit more full range, though its reported frequency response is 38-23,000Hz.  The Imagine T can be powered with as little as 20 watts, though it can handle much more and brings with it a fairly evenhanded four-ohm load.
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