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Infinity Cascade Model Fifteen Powered Subwoofer

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Infinity Cascade Series loudspeakers have a distinctively appealing design--sleek and thin with curved and tapered baffles. They're so pretty that it would be a shame to mate them with a boxy, clunky subwoofer. This fact is not lost on Infinity, as is evident by one look at their Cascade Model Fifteen powered subwoofer (SRP: $1,499).

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The Cascade Model Fifteen will never be mistaken for any other subwoofer--measuring 13 inches high by 37 inches wide by just 8-1/2 inches deep and weighing in at 98 pounds, it's a long and slim, ground-hugging unit that can be inconspicuously placed against a wall. The Model Fifteen achieves its svelte profile by the use of four square, down-firing 6-inch by 6-inch flat-diaphragm low-frequency drivers. The subwoofer also features an 800-watt amplifier and the Infinity Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System (R.A.B.O.S.), which utilizes a built-in tunable parametric equalizer, test CD, sound level meter and other accessories to compensate for the low-frequency bass peak or dip that can plague a listening room. The subwoofer is available in gloss-black or cherry wood finish.

The Cascade Model Fifteen features a level control, continuously variable crossover frequency range control (from 50Hz - 150Hz), line inputs and outputs (including an LFE input), a 0 - 180 degree phase switch, a normal/LFE switch, and off/on, frequency, level and width controls for the R.A.B.O.S. system.

The Cascade Model Fifteen delivers taut, articulate bass, with superior pitch definition. It delivers plenty of volume, but if you want room-rattling LFE movie effects or like to listen to AC/DC or Metallica at roaringly loud volumes, you might want to consider one or more 15- or 18-inch subs instead. As you'd expect, it's an excellent match for the rest of the loudspeakers in the Cascade Series lineup, and could also be a good choice for listeners who want a high-quality subwoofer that doesn't have the typical boxy subwoofer look.

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