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Internal Video Processor


In the early days of high-end video, up-conversion or video processing was done via a black box external component. Ultra-high-end digital video players like Meridian-Faroudja, DVDO and Runco today still use external video processing to get the best image money can, but it's far more common to see video processing inside components like as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, AV receivers, AV preamps, flat-screen plasma and LCDs, or right inside a video projector.

The advances made in chip-based video processing in the last five years have been amazing and much of the internal video processing has improved dramatically, meaning legacy DVD-Video discs played back through a new Blu-ray player are likely to look significantly better than if played back through an older DVD-Video player, thanks to internal video processing.

Notable companies that specialize in internal video processing are Anchor Bay, Silicon Optix, and Marvell, though companies like Toshiba and Panasonic offer excellent processing on their own.

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