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Invisible Wireless Speaker Released

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161223-1280.jpgA new "invisible" speaker from ClearView Audio was revealed (and released) today. The new Clio speaker isn't really invisible, though it's certainly less obtruvise than its bulky cone-based counterparts. Instead of using a more traditional speaker design the Clio uses a clear acrylic transducer. The base, however, is quite visible, and is available in silver, bronze or charcoal.


From iClarified

ClearView Audio has launched Clio, a unique invisible wireless speaker. The speaker employs an ultra-thin, slightly curved, and optically clear acrylic glass transducer that allows it to disperse sound waves in multiple directions. Because of its innovative acoustic design, Clio can be placed anywhere and produce rich, clear, room-filling sound. Clio's sleek, minimalistic design allows the barely visible speaker to "disappear" against its surroundings.

"We believe that good design, innovative engineering, and advanced acoustic technology are key to the enjoyment of audio in the home," said Stefan Bokamper, CEO, ClearView Audio. "Clio is our first product available to consumers and we are thrilled to enter the exciting space of wireless speakers. We are confident Clio will be hugely popular due to its impressive sound, stylistic fit with any interior design, and versatile Bluetooth® compatibility."

ClearView Audio's patented Edge Motion audio systems use a differentiating mechanical principal to generate sound. Instead of pushing from behind, like a traditional cone speaker does, Edge Motion-driven speakers actuate a thin membrane along the side in a manner that creates an extremely efficient, piston-like motion in front. The resultant speaker system is thin and lightweight with the ability to produce a rich, full sound across the audio range.

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