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The iPad is a tablet PC developed by Apple. It has popularized the tablet PC category much in the same way it's little brother the iPod did for portable media players.

Released in April of 2010, the sold over 15 million so far.

Key features are it's iPhone/touch aesthetic, and 10-inch LCD touchscreen.

Two models are available, both with multiple storage sizes. One model is Wi-Fi only, the other is a "3G" model that connects to AT&Ts wireless network for a nominal monthly fee.

Like the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad can download and use "Apps," or small applications. These are games, access to Facebook and Twitter, or even productivity software like word processing and image manipulation.

One of the main uses of the iPad is to play back movies and TV shows downloaded from the iTunes store.

A growing number of companies are making products designed to work with the iPad. These include docks and keyboards. Most A/V receivers will plug into the iPad directly to playback music and video.

The iPod is managed using Apple's iTunes software.

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