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JBL Studio L Series L830 Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed

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If you're shopping for a compact home theater speaker, but don't want to or can't install on-wall or in-wall speakers, may I suggest you check out the L830 from JBL. No other brand has been more synonymous with Hollywood theaters and/or concert events than JBL and the lineage is more than apparent in the L830 reviewed here. Retailing for around $500 a pair, the L830 is average-sized as far as a bookshelf speaker goes and is nicely finished, featuring a very rigid, well-constructed cabinet. The L830 can be had in three finishes, black ash as standard and beech and cherry as no-additional-cost options.

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Behind the grille, the L830 features a single six-inch low-frequency driver mated to a one-inch tweeter and a three-quarter-inch ultra-high-frequency transducer. The L830 has a reported frequency response of 48Hz-40kHz, getting most of its bass oomph from its rear Freeflow port and crossed over at 2.5kHz and 20kHz. The L830 has a 90dB sensitivity with a fairly benign eight-ohm load, making it ideally suited for many of today's modern receivers or integrated amplifiers. The L830, like all of the speakers in the Series L range, is bi-wireable and features gold-plated five-way binding posts.

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