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Jerry Del Colliano's Associated Equipment

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jerry-del-colliano-publisher.jpgJerry Del Colliano is the CEO of Luxury Publishing Group Inc. based in Los Angeles. He is also the publisher of LPG's HomeTheaterReview.com,  AudiophileReview.com and the forum site, HomeTheaterEquipment.com.

Del Colliano has a degree in Music from The University of Southern California as well as extensive background in consumer electronics including retail experience working at Bryn Mawr Stereo (Abington, PA), Sassafras Audio (Bryn Mawr, PA), Christopher Hansen Ltd. (Beverly Hills, CA) and Cello Music and Film (West Hollywood, CA). At Cello, Del Colliano mentored with audiophile icon, Mark Levinson, before starting his first online publication called AudioRevolution.com which over time changed into AVRev.com. In 2008, Del Colliano sold AVRev.com, ModernHomeTheater.com and AVRevForum.com to Internet Brands. Later in the year, Del Colliano started the new group of publications that became the basis for Luxury Publishing Group.

Today, Jerry Del Colliano reviews high performance AV equipment as well as writes insightful "feature" articles for HomeTheaterReview.com.

Jerry Del Colliano's Reference AV System

• Marantz NR1501 Slimline AV Receiver 
• GoldenEar Forcefield 3 Subwoofer
• Crestron MLX-3 Remote Control
Jerry Del Colliano's Bedroom System
• DirecTV Mini Genie Sat receiver
• Crestron MLX-3 Remote Control
Jerry Del Colliano's Office System
• Transparent Audio Reference Cables (XLR, RCA, USB)
• Time Warner Cable Receiver-DVR
• Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer with (2) Apple 27 inch Thunderbolt Monitors
• Apple iPad2 running the Crestron App
Installations and Calibrations
• All installations are done by Simply Home Entertainment. Video calibration is done by David Abrams of AVICAL.

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