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Founded in 1927, Victor Company of Japan originally made records, phonographs, radios, and eventually Japan's first television. The company invented the VHS video tape format, one of the most significant inventions in consumer electronics history. JVC continued its innovation in the VCR space in the ensuing years, pioneering the higher resolution S-VHS and D-VHS formats.

While having a solid presence in numerous categories, JVC never really gained a leadership position in any throughout the 1970s and 1980s, missing out on the digital audio and personal electronics booms of the era.JVC eventually gained a strong foothold in the camcorder industry, and even won an Emmy for its pioneering efforts in such. JVC, as part of Japanese consumer electronics behemoth Matsushita, merged with Kenwood in October 2008.

HomeTheaterReview.com has coverage on JVC 3D projectors and even a possible 4K projector.

In the home theater market JVC is known as the power behind D-ILA video techolgy which many companies like Meridian-Faroudja, DreamVision and a number of others.