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KEF Muon Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

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The KEF Muon is designed to be the critically acclaimed speaker company's absolute reference-level speaker and, boy, do these striking speakers ever live up to their billing.  They are fabricated from super-formed aluminum, which uses a similar process to vacuum-forming, making the cabinets into a shape that is not only effective for maximizing audio performance, but also amazingly sexy visually.  KEF has really done a spectacular job of making a stunning pair of speakers that have audiophile sonic performance with the kind of supermodel-inspired industrial design that will compel non-audiophiles (with eight-figure net worth) to own them.  The KEF Muon is designed by acclaimed industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, whose creations reside in permanent collections in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and in London's Design Museum.  A pair of KEF Muon speakers makes a bold statement, not a subtle one.  Clients looking for high-end in-walls should be directed to Wisdom Audio's new Sage Series.  KEF Muon speakers are built for the art enthusiast as much as for the audiophile.

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Using a four-way design and KEF's legendary Uni-Q drive unit array, the KEF Muon delivers a seamless midrange and full and open sound, with excellent bass and high-frequency extension.  Acoustic Compliance Enhancement enables KEF to effectively double the available cabinet volume by using activated carbon molecules to absorb air molecules, making for even more bass extension than the huge cabinet would otherwise allow.  To control and contain all the power of these bass notes, KEF has enclosed the entire speaker in a six-millimeter-thick aluminum case, which makes a rigid cabinet that is as sexy as it is functional.

Let's face it, when you are dropping $140,000 on a pair of speakers, they had better sound good.  Correction: the speakers had better sound absolutely great and they absolutely, positively have to look like they belong in the multi-million-dollar homes where they aspire to reside.  At this price, you are buying artwork as well as audio gear, and the KEF Muon speakers do a great job providing both. 

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