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KEF Muon's Used to Play at The Who's Launch of Quadrophenia - The Director's Cut

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kef-muon-loudspeakers.gifThe Who's Quadrophenia: The Director's Cut received its official launch at an event staged at Bush Hall in Shepherd's Bush, West London - with KEF loudspeakers providing the music. In a unique 5.2 configuration, five of KEF's Muon loudspeakers were backed-up by two KEF Reference Series 209 subwoofers.

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Around 250 special guests - including The Who's Roger Daltrey - listened to playback through the KEF speakers of two tracks from Quadrophenia, "The Rock" and "Love Reign O'er Me". The tracks were remixed for the album by legendary sound engineer Bob Pridden and The Who's Pete Townshend in quadrophonic sound.

Following the demo, Townshend gave the audience a roller-coaster ride through the history of Quadrophenia and shared his thoughts and feelings about it, saying that it was, in his mind and heart, the last great Who album, after Tommy and Who's Next.
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