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Klipsch Prepares to Ship Gallery Series Speakers

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Klipsch_Gallery_series.gifAccording to TWICE, Klipsch is preparing May shipments of the first speakers in the new Gallery series, as well as preparing a promotional program that will include a live music sponsorship by the company.

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Klipsch will sponsor multiple concerts at live music venues managed by Live Nation. Currently, Klipsch has brokered agreements for two venues in New York City and two venues in Miami. Klipsch's name will appear on tickets, posters, and in commercials as part of the agreement.

The Gallery series, which Klipsch is working to promote in light of the May release, is a set of slim speakers, designed to pair with flat-panel HDTVs. The series consists of four passive models and one iPod/iPhone-docking speaker that features AirPlay.

The four passive models will be shipping in May. They are the G-12 ($199 each), the G-16 ($299 each), the G-28 ($499 each), and the G-42 three-channel soundbar ($699). The G-42 is a horizontal only model, but the other three can all be placed either horizontally or vertically.

User will have to wait until fall for the AirPlay model, which will carry a price of $599.

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