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Klipsch RW-10d Powered Subwoofer Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

4.5 Stars
4 Stars
4.5 Stars

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High Points
• The RW-10d offers good performance with movies and games, adding weight and punch and an overall presence that belied its small size.
• The RW-10d provides a superb digitally-controlled top panel user interface, which adds flexibility, versatility, and, most importantly, ease of use and convenience.
• The RW-10d is built very well, offers claw-style feet for easy placement, and looks as good as anything in its class.

Low Points
• The RW-10d sounded a bit heavy and slow across music material, especially classical and jazz material.
• The RW-10d lacks a high-pass crossover output, which could limit bass control options for some users.

The RW-10d draws a very nice line between rocking the house and delicate bass reproduction. As a smaller design, it doesn't rattle the walls like bigger designs, but it also tap dances better than those products. It's a great down-the-middle solution, from a lot of important perspectives - thump, punch, musicality, and price. It will not give you prodigious amounts of any, but will give you more than enough to perform well in most any situation you put it in. At its price, the RW-10d offers excellent value and flexibility, and deserves a serious audition.

Additional Resource
• Find a pair of speakers to go with the RW-10d.

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