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Krell Evolution 900 Monaural Power Amplifiers Reviewed

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krell_evolution_900.jpgDan D'agostino in an extremist be it his love for cars, fine wine and especially when it come to ultra-off-the-charts, high-end audiophile equipment. And never before has he offered an amp with more extreme performance to the worldwide marketplace than the Krell Evolution 900 monoblocks. Priced at $20,000 each - these amps are not for the faint of heart when it comes to price and listener beware unlike other audiophile product you've heard and knew you couldn't afford - these amps have special powers over you. They will make you want - nay need them like the city of Las Vegas will ultimately find your weakness and break you. They are alluring, seductive and when it comes to making you part with insane volumes of your money - they are downright evil.

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The technology in the amps is basically the pinnacle of Krell design and Krell is best known as a top provider of audiophile amplifiers. Each monoblock has a beefcake 6000 VA power supply and uses Krell's Active Cascode Topology. The amps are reported to sound their best when using Krell's CAST connection but I tested them both with Transparent Opus MM cables and the CAST system and used the Transparent Cable more often. You wouldn't throw either option out of bed - it was just what I preferred. The fit and finish of the silver beauties is a nice as you will find at any price and at this level you should expect this quality of finish. Their blue lights, just the thought of them, warm my soul.

The sound of the Krell Evolution 900 amplifiers are not exactly what you would stereotypically expect from a Krell amp. Yes, the bass is as good (honestly, better) than any amp at any price. It is fast and deep in ways no Mark Levinson, Classe', Audio Research or even (ancient) Cello amp at any price has been able to reproduce in my room. Having sold over five dozen pairs of Wilson WATT Puppy speakers in my career as a high end audio salesman, I felt like I knew what their bass limitations were and always recommended a subwoofer with them. With the Krell Evolution 900's in my rig - I was introduced to the potential of Wilson WATT Puppy bass. I hit depths never thought possible with control I have never heard before. Amazingly, it isn't the bass where these amps will catch you by surprise - it's the top end. Gone is the "cold" sound that some criticize Krell for. The Evolution 900s sound more light and warm on the top end than any Krell I have heard and I have owned a few of Dan's bigger non-Evolution monoblocks. Across the board, these amazing amplifiers were better-than-Krell Krell. They are game changers.

that ended and a girl you will never forget. And I am talking about a power amplifier here.
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