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Krell Takes On An Investor To Make New Future-Minded Products

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Krell confirmed to HomeTheaterReview.com today that they have taken on KT Capital Partners as an equity investor. Krell is one of the most respected high end audio companies in AV history. Krell's Dan D'Agostino retains controlling interest in the brand unlike some recent private equity deals that have gone down in the specialty AV business.

Krell's new investor comes as companies like Paradigm and MartinLogan are weathering tough economic times notably well, thanks to being well capitalized via private equity. Add Krell to that list now.

In addition to extra money to help develop future minded products like Krell's $30,000 AV preamp called the Evolution 707 and their PapaDock and KID iPod system - Krell will retain its executive team lead by D'Agostino. Krell's statement AV preamp has received rave reviews and has sold well both domestically and into international markets despite its whopping price tag.

The new equity stake in Krell ends rumors that Krell was in play. Conjecture was that players like Linear (the company that bought Sunfire and Elan), Directed (the company that bought Polk and Definitive Technology) or even Harman might have been possible suitors for Krell.

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