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Krell Theater Amplifier Standard (TAS) Reviewed

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krell_tas1v2.jpgThere may be not be any audiophile product more sought after by hardcore audiophiles than a Krell power amplifier. Owning one of Dan D'agostino's powerhouses means that you have reached the holy land of the hobby, yet in today's increasing home theater-driven market, the idea that you can plunk down $20,000-per-channel monoblocks for all seven channels of your surround sound system will make even the most braggadocio billionaire blush a little. This is where the $7,500 Krell Theater Amplifier Standard comes in.

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The Krell Theater Amplifier Standard is all Krell, packing 200 watts of power for five channels. For the 7.1 system, use the Krell TAS for the center, side and rear speakers and use a Krell stereo or a pair of Evolution monoblock amps for a truly over-the-top experience. The Krell Amplifier Standard is built to insane tolerances and boasts a massive 4000 va toroidal transformer. There are both balanced and unbalanced inputs. Sonically, this amp is all Krell. Incredible bass. Power and headroom are a forgone conclusion and the overall control you will have on your speakers with the Krell Theater Amplifier Standard is simply sensational.

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