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Krell Theater Amplifier Standard (TAS) Reviewed

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High Points
• Power, power and more power over five channels makes the Krell TAS truly lust-worthy.
• The bass on Krell amps is the best in the business. Low, fast and tight only start to describe the sound.
• The looks of the Krell TAS befit an amp that costs this much. Consider plunking a Krell TAS on a chunk of marble in the middle of your living room, because it looks just that nice.
• You can bridge some of the channels to make the amp even more powerful, say, as a three-channel amp.

Low Points
• Weight is always a consideration with an amp at this level.
• Compared to the trendy digital amps, heat can also be an issue, but if you compare the sound - especially on the low end - there is no comparison to even the best Class-D amps out there.

If you have always dreamed of owning a Krell amp, the Krell Theater Amplifier Standard is one the best ways to get into the game. Its flexibility to be used as a bridged stereo (or three-channel) amp makes it a perfect starter piece. For 7.1 systems with Krell Evolution monoblocks, you have the potential of an all-world power system that can be as dynamic as any movie soundtrack out there, while at the same time able to resolve the finest detail from a 5.1 SACD with glistening beauty and total control.

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