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Krell was founded in 1980 by Dan and Rondi D'Agostino. Krell stands alongside a handful of other companies atop the high-end audio and home theater industry as one of the most recognized, respected, and best reviewed brands in its history.

Famous for its powerful, robust amplifiers, Krell has also produced some of the industry's best preamplifiers and source components, and has also successfully delved into the loudspeaker, subwoofer, and iPod accessory sectors in recent years.

Founder Dan D'Agostino has now founded D'Agostino Audio.


Notable Krell products include the KSA 100, SBP 64X, KSA-250, Audio Standard, KAV-500, KPS-20i, Full Power Balanced 250M, 350M Monaural Power Amplifier, 650M Monaural Power Amplifier, KPS 25s, Master Reference Subwoofer, Lossless Acoustic Transducers (LAT loudspeakers), Showcase, Resolution.

HomeTheaterReview.com's Krell product reviews include:

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Similar brands are Mark Levinson, D'Agostino Audio, Revel, McIntosh, Classe, Meridian, Sunfire and Theta.

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