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Krell's New Evolution Amps Save Power In Standby Yet Improve on Audiophile Performance

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Krell-evolution402.gifKrell Industries just announced a substantial upgrade to the Evolution lineup of amplifiers. The new enhanced, Evolution e Series, delivers greater fidelity while at the same time reducing its carbon footprint.

Redefined Power Supply
An intense upgrade to the power supply includes a new separate toroidal transformer for the digital control circuitry, improved EMI suppression of high frequency artifacts, and a substantial increase in capacitive power supply reserve. A new green mode reduces the standby power draw dramatically. As an example, the Evolution 402e power draw drops from 370W to 2W - a reduction of 99.5%. The new standby mode is user selectable and turns off all non critical circuitry. The power indicator ring glows green in the new mode. The standard standby mode, which keeps all but the output stages active, is still available and indicated by a red ring on the power indicator.

Sound Enhancements
The audio circuitry has also received enhancements in the new Evolution e Series. Building on the unique Active Cascode Topology foundation of the Evolution Series, the e Series amplifiers feature more precisely balanced current sharing among the seven sets of Active Cascode Quartets that make up the output stage. This greater precision elevates an already impressive performance envelope and provides greater amplifier reliability. A new feedback implementation delivers improved dynamic performance.

"It is exciting to bring environmentally friendly operation to our customers without asking them to sacrifice performance." Said Bill McKiegan, Vice President, USA Sales and Marketing. "We actually have added performance to an already award winning design. It is truly the best of both worlds."

The Evolution e Series includes three mono amplifiers - the Evolution 400e, 600e, and 900e, two stereo amplifiers - the Evolution 302e and 402e, and a three channel amplifier - the Evolution 403e. Shipments of the new amplifiers begin in March

Estimated Retail Prices:

Mono amplifiers - Evolution 400e - $23,000/pr, Evolution 600e - $37,000/pr, Evolution 900e - $50,000/pr

Stereo amplifiers - Evolution 302e - $12,500, Evolution 402e - $18,500

Three Channel Amplifier - Evolution 403e - $25,000

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