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TomoWood1.pngFounded in 2001, KroloDesign is a Canadian company based on the idea that it is possible to keep design simple without compromising function, beauty and detail.

KroloDesign manufactures high-quality audio racks that not only look good, but make your sound system perform better. Originally started as a more traditional furniture design company, founder Mirko Krolo has recently switched his focus to the audio world.

His Tomo racks, Krolo Amplifier Platform and Krolo Enhanser are designed from only the finest materials to make sure you get the most out of your audio equipment.

Our own Terry London had only good things to say about the Tomo Audio Rack in his review for HomeTheaterReviews.com.

Thumbnail image for mirko-krolo-designer.jpgOther companies that produce audio racks include Audiav Reference Furniture and Sanus.


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