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Last Chance at Circuit Liquidation Sale is This Sunday

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Coming about a week early, the carcass at Circuit City is finally pretty much picked clean. Bankruptcy liquidator, Great American is calling it quits a little early considering most everything home theater, consumer electronics and even audiophile are long gone.

Industry trade publication TWICE says that they have confirmed that Circuit's liquidators have raised 1.7 billion dollars in the last few weeks. No mention of the sale of the company's private planes were made.

From a consumer perspective it is time to say good by to Circuit (where bankruptcy is state of the art) but the actual payback to debtors and closing of the books will take a lot longer - perhaps a year or two. And its not impossible that an investor will want to try to make something of the Circuit brand name and relaunch the company and or its website in the future with less debt and a more relevant product and service offering.

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