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Legacy Audio

Legacy-audio-logo-brnad-page.jpgFounded by engineer Bill Dudleston, Legacy Audio has been designing and manufacturing world-class loudspeakers in a variety of finishes and configurations for three decades.  Among the first to implement digital signal processing, Legacy employs directivity control and self-powered bass sections in their top three models: Aeris, Whisper, and Helix.

Legacy is one of the leaders of the audiophile "twice the speaker for half the price" movement, offering affordable, high-end loudspeakers.  Legacy designs put a priority on dynamic range, bass extension and low distortion as demonstrated by their most popular model, the Focus SE.  Legacy Audio is known for their large form factors and wood finishes.

Legacy Audio is a high-level customer service company that offers worldwide distribution through select international distributors and more than a dozen audition sites across the U.S.


Some notable Legacy Speakers include:

• Legacy Audio Focus SE
• Legacy Audio Whisper XD
Legacy Audio Signature SE
• Legacy Audio Classic HD

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Email: sales@legacyaudio.com

Legacy Audio

3023 E. Sangamon Avenue
Springfield, IL 62702

800-283-4644, (217) 544-3178 - tel