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Legacy Introduces Expression Loudspeaker

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Legacy_Expression_floorstanding_speakers.jpgLegacy will be taking a new speaker with them the 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. This new speaker is the Legacy Expression. According to the company, the Expression is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the audiophile and the home theater enthusiast.

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For the audiophile the Expression has a precision ribbon tweeter for reportedly airy, spacious highs, as well as dual cast frame 8" woofers - utilizing the same silver/graphite cone technology as the Focus SE.

For the home theater lover, the Expression has been designed to have a unique dynamic range, leading to great clarity for voices and very low distortion according to Legacy.

The expression also features:

- Handcrafted Legacy finish
- Neodymium magnets and cast frame drivers
- Polished black chrome feet
- Biamp capable binding posts

The new Legacy Expression will carry a price tag of $2,695 per pair.
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