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Since 1971, Lexicon has produced some of the world's most revered and adopted professional audio products and technologies. Its LOGIC 7 adds realism to home and movie theater movie playback, and its host of professional audio mixers and related products have supported many artists and thousands of stage shows over the years in virtually all kinds of venues all over the world. Luxury car companies such as BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce feature Lexicon audio systems in its automobiles.

Notable Lexicon Products Include:

• The Lexicon MC12 AV Preamp
• The Lexicon BD30 Blu-ray player
• The Lexicon ZX-7 Seven Channel power amp
• The Lexicon RX-7 power amp
• The Lexicon GX-7 power amp


HomeTheaterReview.com's Lexicon product reviews include:

Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray player
Lexicon RX-7 seven channel power amplifier

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