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LG Releases Flicker-Free 3D Displays

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LG_Flicker_Free_3D_HDTVs.gifLG Electronics just announced the release of two CINEMA 3D Monitors -D41P and D42P - equipped with LG's new Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology. With FPR 3D technology, the monitors offer a reportedly brighter display, clearer images, and a "Flicker-Free" certified 3D picture that makes 3D viewing more comfortable.

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The monitors' "Flicker-Free" certification, shared with LG's CINEMA 3D TVs, was awarded by T V and Intertek, two of Europe's top safety certification agencies. The certification recognizes that LG's CINEMA 3D Monitors have largely eradicated onscreen flicker, which had occasionally caused dizziness and nausea among viewers watching conventional 3D displays. With CINEMA 3D Monitors, viewers are now allegedly able to watch 3D content for longer periods in greater comfort.  

LG also claims that through their FPR technology, LG CINEMA 3D Monitors also provide clearer, brighter 3D images and lower crosstalk, meaning less eyestrain. In contrast with active shutter 3D glasses, LG CINEMA 3D glasses are lightweight and entirely free of electrical parts.  

 Also, the monitors feature a 2D to 3D conversion function which claims to converts regular content into 3D on the fly. 

 The LG Cinema 3D Monitor will be launched in Korea first and will be rolled out globally early June starting in Europe.
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