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LG Reveals Nano Full LED HDTV - the LW980S

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LG_LW980S_3D_LED_HDTV.jpgRecently in Seoul, Korea, LG Electronics took the wraps off its newest development in home entertainment, the LW980S. The LW980S is a TV that combines LG's CINEMA 3D technology, Smart TV functions, and Nano full LED all in one package.

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Addressing one of the big sticking points of conventional 3D TVs, the LW980S comes with comfortable, lightweight glasses that don't need to be recharged and are easily replaceable. The LW980S tackles the issue of not enough content with a proprietary 2D to 3D conversion technology that attempts to offer supply of shows and movies in 3D.

And with 3D Video-on-Demand - available through LG Apps - viewers will have greater access to 3D content to watch at home. Using the Magic Motion Remote Control, LW980S users get access to content with just a couple of clicks on the mouse-like control. Moreover, Smart Share offers the ability to share content between the user's TV, mobile phone, and other digital devices.

The LW980S features LG's unique Nano full LED lighting technology. Via a thin film printed with dots, Nano full LED reportedly disperses light more evenly across the screen, to create brighter, clearer and smoother pictures.
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