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LG's 55LW9800 First Passive 3D HDTV to Get THX Certification

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LG-55LW9800-3D-LED-HDTV.jpgLG Electronics just launched the first passive 3D TV to get THX 3D Display Certification.

LG's new "NANO FULL LED" model is a full-backlight LED HDTV. Shipping now, the flagship 55LW9800 also includes the LG Smart TV platform featuring wireless access to online content.

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This NANO FULL LED HDTV uses LG's film-pattern retarder (FPR) 3D screen technology making it the first 3D TV using flicker-free passive technology to achieve both THX 2D and 3D Display Certification. The 55LW9800 passed more than 400 THX tests evaluating left and right eye images for color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance. THX offers the only performance benchmark available today for 3D hardware.

The NANO FULL LED display employs a thin film incorporating a full array of LEDs, giving it more uniform light distribution and detailed local dimming from over two hundred addressable sectors. The 55LW9800 also features LG's TruMotion 480Hz refresh rate.

LG's FPR technology reportedly optimizes the separation of images for the left and right eye, which are then filtered through the glasses to give viewers a better 3D effect with minimal cross-talk. LG's 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering the screen, attempts to create bright, crisp 3D images to counteract dimness that can occur with other 3D systems. The 2D to 3D Conversion feature provides a ready supply of shows and movies in high quality 3D.

To complete the package, the 55LW9800 incorporates the expanded LG Smart TV online content package, which offers easy access to thousands of movies, customized apps, videos, web browsing as well as simple multimedia file sharing within a consmer's home network. New additions to LG Smart TV include content from Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, MOG, as well as video conferencing with Skype (accessories sold separately), and numerous options in the LG App store, such as the new 3D Zone. All this content is organized in an interface controlled by LG's gesture-based Magic Motion Remote Control and accessed using the TV's built-in Wi-Fi.

The 55LW9800 is available in a 55-inch class size (54.6-inch measured diagonally) at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3,799.99.

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