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Logitech Duet Network Music Server

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The Logitech Duet is unique in the Squeezebox series of network music players, as it comes with a bi-directional wi-fi remote. Some of you may be saying, "So, what's the big deal about a bi-directional remote?" It is a big deal for music servers. The wi-fi remote allows the user to see all the display information right on the screen of the remote in hand, rather than having to walk over to the equipment rack to look at the front panel of the player. The user interface is the remote, not a box on a rack or in a closet. This is huge for whole-house and multi-zone systems. The utilization of wi-fi connectivity means you can be rooms away or even floating in your pool and still browse and control your music as though you were standing next to the equipment rack.

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I won't go into detail about how the Squeezebox system generally works, as we just did a full-length review of the Duet's big brother, the Transporter, which describes this in detail. Unique to the Duet are the bi-directional remote and its physical form factor. The receiver is approximately four inches deep, six inches wide and one inch high. Connections include Ethernet, analog and digital outputs and power. Notably absent is any display, as the unit relies upon the remote's display. The bi-directional remote is wand-like in shape, with a full-color 2.4 inch LCD screen above an iPod-style scroll wheel and basic navigation buttons. The remote is definitely what makes this system special and allows the $399 Duet to compete with the Sonos system (approximately $1,000). The Duet is especially attractive if you want to start with one zone. Additional receivers can be added for additional zones for $199 apiece. Additionally, if you already have a Squeezebox server, you can buy the remote separately for $299 and it will control the other Squeezebox products. If you have multiple Squeezebox products running simultaneously, such as one for each zone, you can easily use the same remote for all zones by selecting the receiver you want to control from a menu on the remote.

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