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Logitech Duet Network Music Server

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High Points
• The remote provides you complete access to your music library and Internet sources in an easy-to-use and, more important, handy package.
• The Duet remote can easily control multiple Squeezebox receivers to work in unison or separately.
• The Duet provides the ability to play your music without a computer by using a NAS device or an online music storage service.
• The remote gives you the ability to use the remote at extended ranges.

Low Points
• The remote has a relatively short battery life and must be charged every few days with moderate use.
• The remote may not instantly respond when first utilized, as it needs to reestablish a wi-fi connection.
• As a member of the Squeezebox family, the Duet is still subject to the same software quirks that affect all computer-dependent music servers.

The Logitech Duet is a great way to get the power of a music server into your hand. The Duet gives Logitech's Squeezebox line of products the ability to act as multi-room servers that can be controlled anywhere you are, so long as you are within range of your wi-fi network. A nice feature of this system is that it is scalable. One can start by purchasing the Duet system for $399 and later add other receivers in other zones at any time for $199 each. Additionally, the controller can be purchased separately for those who already have a Squeezebox product, but wish to control it from another room or from the yard.

In short, if you are only looking for a single-room solution and you will be controlling the music server from that room, the Duet holds no benefit for you over the other Squeezebox products. However, if you want to be able to access your music from wherever you may be on your property, the Duet is an affordable and easy-to-use music server that provides you with plenty of options and room to grow. I bought one and my wife and I use it all the time. Highly recommended. 

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