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Founded in 1925, Luxman initially began in radio and eventually created a worldwide business as a premium parts manufacturer. Luxman then produced many well-regarded products in the hi-fi boom of the late 70s and early 80s such as its luxurious, overbuilt tube-based amplifiers and preamplifiers, cassette decks and even cables.

Luxman has tried to make a number of comebacks and are in the process of trying another one today. They sell very high end products true to their Japanese lineage and that pack striking industrial design. Their brick and mortar retail distribution model is old-school by today's standards but the product is well reviewed when it gets ink in the audiophile print magazines.

Notable Luxman products:

• Luxman M-800a Stereo Amp
• Luxman C-800F Control Amp
• Luxman D-N100 Compact Disc Player

Luxman competes with brands like:

Mark Levinson
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