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Macgo Releases First Mac Blu-ray Player

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For decades, Mac has worked to prove its superiority over PC. Despite its graphics and enhanced user-experience, there were a few points where it lagged behind. One of them, which bothered Mac users, was the absence of Blu-ray support in Mac systems. Using their 10 years of experience in video conversion, Macgo Inc introduces the world's very first Mac Blu-ray Player.

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With the arrival of this Blu-ray Player for Mac, Mac users will now be able to enjoy Blu-ray quality and experience on their computer. This new Blu-ray player also reportedly supports any formats of movie, video, audio, music and photo that exist today.

According to the company, Macgo Inc had put a tremendous amount of effort to make their universal video player a complete entertainment package. This movie player will also enable users to share video information and movies with friends anywhere and anytime on social networks through only a click on the button "share".

In an effort to offer best value to their customers, Macgo Inc is promoting their new video player with a recently free campaign of the product. Customers will get a free license of Mac Blu-ray Player for a limited time. For more information of Macgo Inc products and promotional campaigns, visit their official website: www.macblurayplayer.com.

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