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Magico, based in Berkeley, CA, designs and builds audiophile speakers. Founded as an attempt at a "no-holds-barred" assault on normal loudspeaker design. Many of their designs use aluminum instead of MDF or wood.

Notable Magico products include the gigantic Magico Ultimate IIs, that were designed with the "sole objective of true-to-life audio reproduction." A 5-way design, the Magico Ultimate IIs are housed in aircraft-grade aluminum. The claimed frequency response is 22 Hz to 30 kHz.


Also notable is the Magico M 5, which has a ring-radiator tweeter, and 6-inch and 9-inch woofers. Frequency response is a claimed 22Hz-40KHz.

Read John Atkinson's review of the Magico V3 loudspeaker from Stereophile.

Compare Magico to companies such as Wilson Audio and Dunlavy Audio Labs.

Berkeley, CA

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