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Manley Laboratories


Manley Laboratories, since the late 1980s, has produced tube-based source components, amplifiers, preamplifiers, and professional audio products have retained a remarkably consistent presence in their respective markets. Proudly built in Chino (California), not China, Manley does all their own design, R&D, assembly, and testing in house.

Manley acquired the Langevin brand several years ago, and sells Class-A solid state products under that name.


Notable Manley Labroratories products include:

Manley Stingray iTube, a stereo integrated amp with a built in iPod dock. It's rated at 32 watts per channel, and has a claimed frequency response of 15 Hz to 58 kHz. Also notable are the Manley Neo-Classic 250 and 500 watt monoblocks.

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Brands that are similar to Manley Laboratories include Boulder and Conrad-Johnson.

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Manley Laboratories

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