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Marantz IS301 iPod Dock Reviewed

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• Sound quality was not compromised by either undocking the handset or utilizing wireless transmission between the base and receiver units.

Low Points
• The IS-301 cannot transmit video when the base and receiver units are connected wirelessly or when the handset is detached 
• The lack of iPhone support.

In a sea of iPod docks, Marantz's IS-301 stands out. First of all, this dock works in both wired and wireless modes. Some of the wireless docks I have used in the past have degraded the sound quality. Not so with the IS-301. I enjoyed the flexibility of set-up that the unit offers. In one room, I was able to use a wired connection; in another, I used wireless. I appreciated having the option, even though the wireless connection did not allow the transmission of video or IR control. Another feature that I appreciated was the dial adjustment on the dock handset. The docks I have used in the past all required typical dock inserts, which I had never viewed as a limitation, but rather as a fact of life. Having the dial adjustment now, I have greatly appreciated the ease of being able to swap out multiple iPods. 

If you aren't going to use the enhanced features of the IS-301, you do not need to rush to replace your current dock, but if you do not already have a dock or will use the enhanced features, I strongly recommend giving the IS-301 a close look.

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