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Marantz VP-15S1 1080p HDTV Projector Reviewed

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Marantz_VP15S11_projector_review.gifMarantz's VP-15S1 DLP projector has been an unqualified hit. At $9,999, it offers 90 percent of its more expensive sibling's performance at only two-thirds of the price. The VP-15S1 has benefited from Marantz's long history and strong performance in the DLP front-projector market. This 1080p projector utilizes the newest .95-inch Darkchip 4 from Texas Instruments. Like Marantz's more expensive VP-11S2, the VP-15S1 uses a magnesium alloy chassis, Gennum VXP9351 video processor, 200-watt DC Super High Pressure 2000 hour lamp and Konica Optics.

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The VP-15S1 is brighter than the more expensive VP-11 series, with 1000 lumens. Contrast is specified at 10,000:1. The VP-15S1 has a three-position, dual-iris system, HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color modes and a six-segment, five-speed color wheel. While both the VP-15S1 and the VP-11S2 projectors have Marantz's proprietary color correction system known as "O.R.C.A.," the difference is that the VP-11 series color wheel's seventh segment is a dark green neutral density filter and that the VP-15S1 does not have the automatic color temperature calibration that is specified for the VP-11 series.

Watching the VP-15S1 reminded me of watching a high-quality plasma monitor. This projector was much more vibrant than the VP-11S1 and VP-12S4 projectors that preceded it. Colors were slightly oversaturated out of the box, with the colors, the greens in particular, less accurate than in the VP-11. I was able to adjust the amount of saturation easily enough through the user menus.

The images reproduced by the VP-15S1 had impressive depth, with a three-dimensional quality. The video processing was quite good and never distracted me from viewing any video material, although I did notice some jagged edges on rolling overlaid text.

In addition to providing excellent video quality, the VP-15S1 was very user-friendly. The projector has more picture memory settings than most people could use. You could easily configure a setting to be optimized for each source. Triggers enable automated shade and screen control or even to control an automated anamorphic lens, in conjunction with a vertical stretch mode that is available for 2.35 material. The large selection of configuration options ensures flexibility for both proper set-up and easy daily use.

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