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Marantz is one of the first, best known and most respected high end audio and home theater brands.

Saul Marantz founded his company in 1952 and helped pioneer generations of performance excellence. Marantz's Model 7 preamplifier, Model 8 and 9 power amplifiers, and Model 10B tuner re-defined performance expectations in their respective categories, and the company built on this success with its later CD player, projection television, and A/V receiver products.


HomeTheaterReview.com has reviews of many Marantz products including:

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Today, Marantz remains a significant force in the high performance audio and home theater market with its diverse, sophisticated line of source components, receivers, displays, projectors, and remote control products. Marantz is owned by D&M Holdings which also owns Denon, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, Snell Acoustics and more.



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