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Marsh Sound Design


Marsh Sound Design is the brainchild of Richard Marsh, a well known and very well respected designer of audiophile and home theater electronics.

Marsh has designed products for many gigantic audio companies, and opened his own company in 1999. Marsh Sound Design specializes in amps and preamps. The company has two goals, building the simplest and most reliable amplifiers possible. The second is to achive the first goal at prices everyone can afford.


Notable Marsh Sound Design products include:

Marsh Sound Design A450m monoblock amplifier, rated at 450 watts
Marsh Sound Design P2000t hybrid-tube line amplifier
Marsh Sound Design HT 750, a 5-channel, 150 watts per, home theater amp

Compare Marsh Sound Design to other companies such as Boulder and Conrad-Johnson.

Email: sales@marshsounddesign.com

(415) 927-4672 - tel