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MartinLogan Descent i Subwoofer Reviewed

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High Points
• The Descent i is extremely flexible with its connection and adjustment capabilities allow for a seamless integration with nearly every system. 
• The unit is very well built and attractive, allowing it to be placed out in the open with a much higher "WAF" than the traditional black box subwoofer. 
• The Descent i's sound quality is extremely good with quick and detailed bass.

Low Points
• The Descent i lacks built in room correction which is including with many similarly priced subwoofers.
• The design and positioning of the drivers at 120 degree intervals limits placement options to get optimum sound.

The Descent i improves upon its formidable predecessor and is an excellent subwoofer. I was particularly impressed with its flexibility and musicality. The subwoofers connection options will allow easy integration of one or more subwoofers into either dedicated stereo systems, home theater systems or both. The setup options built into the Descent i, (and the other subwoofers in the MartinLogan line) allows the subwoofer to be independently tuned for both music and movies. This allows the user to get excellent performance with both applications rather than optimizing for one or compromising for both.

The MartinLogan Descent i, was quick and detailed allowing me to easily integrate it with a variety of speakers from electrostatics such as MartinLogan's Summits to stand mounted dynamic speakers such as Acoustic Zen's Adagio Jr.'s and Dynaudio's Contour 1.4's. While I would have liked to see an equalization option, the use of an outboard or processor with this feature and careful placement can address this concern. This is one of a few subwoofers that truly excels at both music and movie applications and deserves careful consideration, especially for those who are looking for one subwoofer for both home theater and stereo applications.

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