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MartinLogan Vantage Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeaker Reviewed

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4.5 Stars
4 Stars
4.5 Stars

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High Points
• The Vantage possesses a rich, full-range natural sound that is comparable to more expensive MartinLogan offerings at a fraction of the cost.
• The slightly dated XStat panel found on the Vantage is still relevant and hugely musical, even for discerning listeners.
• The powered woofer of the Vantage goes a long way in giving the speaker a true full-range sound, which had been a sort of an Achilles heel when it came to the MartinLogans of old.
• The fit and finish of the Vantage is first-rate and among the best you'll find its price class.
• The ability to customize the Vantage in nearly any finish and/or style is an added bonus, though it brings a higher price tag.

Low Points
• The Vantage, like all traditional MartinLogan speakers, is a dipole design.  Combining this with its ported bass section and placement becomes a bit tricky, compared to traditional cone and dome speakers.
• The Vantage must be placed close to an electrical outlet or two in order to power the woofer and give the ESL panel its charge.

Competition and Comparison
Compare MartinLogan's Vantage Hybrid Electrostatic loudspeaker against its competition by reading our reviews for the Revel Performa F52 loudspeaker and the Paradigm Signature S8 V.2 loudspeaker. You can also find more information available in our Floorstanding Speaker section and on our MartinLogan brand page.

With a retail price of around $5,000, depending on the finish, the Vantage hybrid electrostatic from MartinLogan is a relatively affordable solution for consumers craving that classic MartinLogan sound.  It sits in the MartinLogan product line much the same as the old Ascent did.  The Vantage is far more versatile and lifestyle-friendly, due largely to its compact size and elegant appearance.  However, MartinLogan has new ESL panels that are derived from their statement CLX, making the Vantage a bit dated in comparison.  Still, this is a phenomenal speaker and a solid buy for consumers with medium-sized rooms and mid-fi systems.
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