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Meridian Announces DSP3300 Digital Active Loudspeaker

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Meridian_DSP3300_bookshelf_speakers.jpgFollowing the introduction of DSP3200, the most compact Meridian DSP Loudspeaker to date, DSP3300 uses similar electronics and drive unit technology, housed in a more conventional cabinet design, to add a new, versatile Digital Active Loudspeaker to the Meridian range that is suited for use as a center channel in a range of Meridian Digital Theatre installations.

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The new Meridian DSP3300 is a multipurpose two-way digital active loudspeaker. Whether used as a centre channel loudspeaker, for main left and right channels, or surround channels, this loudspeaker delivers a reportedly dynamic sound quality whether the system is used for movies, music, or a combination of both.

DSP3300 is sold singly, so that it can be easily specified as a center channel, and is supplied with a moulded rubber mount that provides a simple but effective means of angling the loudspeaker so that it projects its sound towards the listening position while also protecting the loudspeaker and furniture that it might be placed on from scratching or scuffing. The same mount can alternatively be used to cradle one of the curved ends of the loudspeaker should a particular installation require vertical orientation.

DSP3300 is offered with two high-gloss paint finishes: Traffic White and traditional high gloss black.

The Meridian DSP3300 digital active loudspeaker is currently available with a suggested retail price of $3,995.
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