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Meridian HD621 HDMI Audio Processor Gets 3D Update with All-New Firmware

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Meridian-HD621-HDMI-Device.jpgMeridian Audio has announced that it is making 3D capable firmware available for its HD621 HDMI Audio Processor.

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The HD621 is the link between a Meridian system and the latest sources that use HDMI. HD621 separates HDMI audio and video, usually carried via the same cable, delivering audio to a Meridian system. Meanwhile the video content is fed direct to the display via a single cable, eliminating additional switching.

Now, with brand new firmware, HD621 adds support for 3D video formats to its feature set, ensuring the HDMI Audio Processor remains the vital link in all surround-sound and A/V projects.

HD621 also performs up- and down-sampling of digital audio to ensure the best sound from today's varied sources. It also includes Meridian's FIFO buffering technology, designed to remove jitter and deliver an improvement in sound quality from all HDMI sources.

The 3D capable firmware is already being installed in all new production HD621 HDMI Audio Processors, and is now available to all Meridian retailers and installers who can update products already installed in customers' homes and systems, bringing 3D support to their Meridian Digital Theaters and surround systems.
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