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Meridian Introduces the M6 Loudspeaker

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Meridian_M6_floorstanding_speaker.jpgMeridian Audio has announced the introduction of its all-new M6 loudspeaker. Matched with the Meridian Audio Core 200, M6 creates a complete discreet high-end audio system that Meridian believes is simple to use, easy to live with, and accessible to the whole family.

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The M6 has a circular footprint and a slim, soft shape and gentle taper. The M6 is a Meridian DSP Loudspeaker, with all the features that make them unique.

The tapered column that creates the enclosure of each M6 is formed from a specially developed, barium-doped resin. Uniquely heavy and rigid, it is precision moulded into a complex form. The same cylindrical enclosure gives M6 its naturally wide dispersion pattern. Its form gives M6 a cylindrical acoustic radiation pattern, offering flexible placement options and a sound that reprotedly does not significantly vary in volume as you move closer to or further away from the loudspeaker.

The cylindrical enclosure provides separate, isolated housings for the wide-range and the low-frequency drivers. There's also a tuned porting system that further extends the loudspeaker's low-frequency performance.

Suggested USD Retail Price: $9,000/pair
Available February 2012
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