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Mitsubishi Drops LCD Televisions

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mitsubishi_brand_page_logo.gifTWICE.com reports the Mitsubishi is downsizing its television operations, restructuring the company through a plan that will reduce the workforce and rededicate the production of large screen displays.

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Part of this plan includes dropping the manufacturing of LCD televisions in favor of rear-projection and front-projection units that measure 73 inches or larger. This continues with the 2010 line of Laservue DLP line the company released. Mitsubishi plans to add a 92-inch DLP model to their product line.

Today, Mitsubishi is the only major manufacturer still pursuing the consumer market for DLP-based rear-projection televisions. Most other manufacturers have whole-heartedly embraced the ultra-thin form factor of modern flatscreens.

As part of the new initiative, Mitsubishi will close down offices in Ontario and Braselton, relocating all services to Irvine, California.

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