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Mitsubishi HC9000D 3D SXRD Projector Reviewed

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Mitsubishi-Diamond-3D-HC9000D-Projector-angled.jpgHigh Points
• The HC9000D is a 3D-capable 1080p SXRD projector. It uses active 3D technology.
• The projector has a variable iris: You can let it do its thing automatically, or you can precisely adjust it to suit your tastes.
• 120Hz technology is available for blur and judder reduction.
• It has dual HDMI inputs, as well as a 12-volt trigger and an RS-232 port.
• The projector offers a nice assortment of picture adjustments.
• Motorized zoom and focus controls, as well as generous lens shifting, are included for easier setup.
• You can adjust the shutter speed of the 3D glasses.
• Two anamorphic picture modes are available.

Low Points
• The package does not include 3D glasses or the add-on 3D emitter that allows the projector and glasses to communicate, and these items carry a higher-than-average price tag.
• Mitsubishi has opted to use IR instead of RF for its sync emitter.

Competition and Comparison
Compare the Mitsubishi HC9000D with its competition by reading the reviews for the JVC DLA-X3, Optoma HD8300, and Panasonic PT-AE7000U. Learn more about 3D Projectors by visiting our Video Projectors section.

The field of 3D projectors has gotten a lot more crowded since Mitsubishi first introduced the HC9000D, and this projector faces some stiff competition from lower-priced models from JVC, Sony, Optoma, Epson, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi itself. The JVC DLA-X3 immediately comes to mind as a similarly featured D-ILA projector that comes in at a lower price point. That being said, the performance reviews I've seen for HC9000D have been quite positive, so it may be worth a demo if you want a strong 2D theater projector that also supports 3D.

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