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Mitsubishi is a pioneer in the direct view, rear-projection and high-definition television industry, and maker of some of the first advanced VCRs, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America remains a force in the market despite substantially increased competition.

Their most recent technological advancement was the use of lasers as a light source in rear-projection televisions. Some would say the Mitsubishi LaserVue came too late, as the industry had already transitioned to flat panel televisions.

Mitsubishi's Unisen LED LCDs are available in a wide range of sizes, while the RPTVs offer incredible size for the price. Mitsubishi's LCD and DLP front projectors have been very well reviewed.


HomeTheaterReview.com's Mitsubishi product reviews include:

Mitsubishi WD-82838 3D DLP HDTV
Mitsubishi Unisen LT-55154 LED LCD HDTV
Mitsubishi Unisen LT-46164 LED LCD HDTV
Mitsubishi Diamond Unisen LT-46249 LCD HDTV
Mitsubishi Diamond Series HC6800 LCD Projector

Similar to Mitsubishi are brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Hitachi and Sony.

Mitsubishi's parent company also has divisions that make cars and heavy industrial equipment.

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