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M&K, or Miller and Kreisel began as a labor of love of a brilliant young recording engineer named Ken Kreisel, who sought to accurately re-produce the low frequency response of audio recordings. He partnered with legendary high-end audio dealer Jonas Miller of Beverly Hills, California, and developed a subwoofer (for Walter Becker of the jazz/rock band Steely Dan) that not only emerged as the favorite of Miller's Quad and Magneplanar customers, but also many of his other customers, as well as other music groups and recording engineers.

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The success of this project led Miller and Kreisel to form a separate company, in Miller's store, to produce finished subwoofer products. From there, the rest is history. M&K helped pioneer the powered subwoofer and satellite-subwoofer categories, as well as improve studio recording and movie theater sound quality. M&K even produced its own records and, of course, a successful line of loudspeaker products for home and professional applications.

M&K's fall from grace was brutal as it went from a $20,000,000 per year company to bankrupt in fast order in the early 2000's.

Today, a group of investors are trying to breathe new life into the once-mighty brand despite the very difficult climate in the world of specialty speaker brands.

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