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Mountain States Home Automation (Salt Lake City)

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Mountain_States_Home_Automation_canal_theater.jpgSince 1996, Mountain States Home Automation has specialized in providing easy to operate, entertainment and control systems for their customers. They provide solutions to simplify and enhance daily living. Mountain States Home Automation's theaters have one several awards, which should let you know that when you are in one of their theaters, it will allow you to enjoy your favorite movies or sporting events like never before, as you immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience of sight and sound.

Mountain_States_Home_Automation_TV_on_Boat.jpgBut the work doesn't end with well designed theaters.  Mountain States Home Automation is up for the challenge of bringing you quality entertainment where you want it.  Even if that means you want it on a boat!

URL: www.mtnstates.net

3076 South 300 West
Salt Lake City

Phone: (801) 486-2110

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