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MSE Audio Joins PowerHouse Alliance

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MSE-Audio-logo.jpgMSE Audio--which owns the Phase Technology, Rockustics, Induction Dynamics, SoundTube, Soundsphere, and SolidDrive brands--has joined the PowerHouse Alliance, a network of 12 distributor members located across the United States. See the press release below for more details.

From MSE Audio
MSE Audio, parent of audio brands Phase Technology, Rockustics, Induction Dynamics, SoundTube, Soundsphere and SolidDrive, is pleased to announce that their products will be available through the PowerHouse Alliance's 12 distributor members effective immediately.

MSE Audio's commercial, residential loudspeaker and electronics brands will be represented and supported by industry leader PowerHouse Alliance. The brands include a wide array of innovative CE and integration oriented products, including commercial loudspeakers, IP networked speakers, high-performance floorstanding loudspeakers, home theater, subs, amplifiers, architectural speakers/subwoofers, rocks and in-ground outdoor landscape speakers and specialty CI items.

"The PowerHouse Alliance and our 12 distributor members across the U.S. are delighted to now carry MSE Audio brands," said Dennis Holzer, Executive Director of the PowerHouse Alliance. "Adding six high-quality unique speaker brands from one vendor provides our dealers and installers with a broad range of choices for any application in both the commercial and residential markets."

The PowerHouse Alliance combines the coordinated sales and support of a national organization with the local understanding each distributor has of their market. With MSE's broad range of products, each distributor can focus on what best fits their customer's needs.

"MSE Audio is pleased to be partnering with The PowerHouse Alliance," said Chris Combest, President of MSE Audio. "PowerHouse represents a formidable group of companies with extensive reach throughout the residential and commercial AV industries, and we look forward to the exposure Powerhouse can give to our speaker brands."

The six MSE Audio brands are certain to bring in new business opportunities for PowerHouse and their dealers with everyday speakers and unique offerings that cover all categories of installed sound from large commercial project to whole house audio.

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