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Music and Sound (mas)

After founding legendary high-end audio retailer Music and Sound in the 1960s, dabbling in manufacturing with Electro Research in the late 1970s, and distributing numerous brands in the 1980s, Mel Schilling turned his attention full-time to the production of specialty audio and home theater products with the founding of Music and Sound (mas) in 1989.

mas produced a number of superb, affordable electronics such as the world's first high-end "Media Center" preamplifier, the DCC-1 Digital Control Center, which featured Composite and S-Video switching and an internal D/A Converter, as well as the SPA-100 and SPA-65 Amplifiers. mas also developed a series of world-class cable products including the masTER LINK Silver-Teflon Interconnects (which pioneered the use of the now-ubiquitous Teflon dielectric and outer nylon braid) and POWER masTER A.C. Power Cords.

As digital technology began to dominate the market, Mr. Schilling folded some of his mas product concepts into his new digital products venture, Camelot Technology (founded with his son, Howard Schilling), which today continues to produce state-of-the-art audio and home theater products and accessories.