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NAD Launches T 977 Seven-Channel Amplifier

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NAD_t_977_mulit-channel_amplifier_small.jpgNAD Electronics just announced their new T 977, a seven-channel amplifier designed to meet the demands of high performance home theater systems. The T 977 delivers 140 watts of continuous, full disclosure power times seven channels. NAD rates its receivers with a difficult 4-Ohm load, with all channels driven simultaneously, over the full frequency bandwidth (20 Hz - 20 kHz), and at rated distortion. 

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The T 977 employs unique NAD technologies to reportedly maximize performance and the listening experience while minimizing damage to your speakers. PowerDrive nearly doubles the effective power on transients by adding a second high-voltage rail to a well regulated, high-current power supply. The result is an "overdrive" that can nearly double the continuous power on a short- term, dynamic power basis.

Soft Clipping limits high frequency energy during clipping to protect the loudspeaker from damage. Any amplifier that is overdriven (asked to generate levels beyond its undistorted capabilities) will produce distortion (clipping). The result is not only very harsh sound but can often damage speakers, especially tweeters. The selectable "Soft Clipping" feature on NAD amplifiers, including the T 977, transforms the music waveform as the point of clipping approaches, resulting in protection of speakers.

To help the T 977 run cool as well as aid reliability and longevity, the amp is cooled and controlled by a forced air system. A thermostatically controlled fan with signal tracking circuit turns on only when needed.

The T 977 saves energy via an automatic standby mode feature coupled with 0.5 watt standby power consumption.

Developed with system integration and flexibility in mind, the T 977 includes a programmable 12V trigger input while individual gain adjustment for each channel promotes easy, accurate system configuration.

Replacing its predecessor, the NAD T 975, the T 977 is available now with an MSRP of $2799.

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