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NAD T785 A/V Surround Sound Receiver Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

4.5 Stars
4 Stars
4.5 Stars

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High Points
• Considering the history of previous NAD receivers versus the competition, the T785 may be the first NAD receiver to have more features and connectivity options than any similarly priced mass-produced receiver on the market. Oh, except the T785 actually sounds good and is reliable to boot.
• The T785's modular design makes the NAD receiver virtually future proof provided new modules are released in the future and can be readily purchased at your nearest NAD dealer.
• The T785 is built like a Panzer tank and runs like a Swiss watch. It is about the most trouble-free, easy-to-use, intuitive receiver I've encountered in a long while.
• The T785's internal amplifiers are so good and so musically right, that unless you're willing to fork over some major dough I wouldn't look to separates if you can afford the T785.

Low Points
• The layout of the back of the T785 is neat however the locations of some of the connections make cable management a bit of a chore.
• While far more powerful and chock full of goodies, I wish the T785 looked more like its little brother the T747.
• The T785 can run a bit warm so be sure to have adequate space above and to the sides of its chassis to allow for proper ventilation.
• Should NAD abandon the T785's modular construction you're left with, pretty much, a standard receiver. However, in the case of the T785 it's already one hell of a receiver with or without NAD's proposed future upgradeability.

Competition and Comparison
To compare the NAD T785 AV receiver against its competition, read our reviews of the
Onkyo TX-NR5007 AV receiver and the Marantz SR 6004 AV receiver.  You can also find a great deal of information in our AV Receiver section.  Also, feel free to visit the NAD brand page.

$4,000 is hardly cheap these days, however the NAD T785 A/V Receiver is so close to capturing everything that is special and aspirational about a high-end separate system that four grand begins to seem more like a bargain. Not to mention, the T785's modular design and construction all but ensures your money isn't going to be money wasted come the next HDMI update or format introduction. While not as sexy as the T747 the T785 is just as easy and straightforward to use and sounds every bit as glorious as an NAD product should. The T785 is quite possibly the only home theater receiver with a true audiophile soul.

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